Work Package II

Past and future vulnerability of Arctic marine ecosystems to multiple stressors
Lead: Åbo Akademi University
The aim of this work package is to

  • Establish past and recent changes and responses in Arctic biodiversity to environmental stressors.
  • Assess the changes in pelagic and benthic processes and their effects on food web transfer, pelagic-benthic coupling and biological pump
  • Investigate the emergence of altered ecosystems due to changes in distributions, invasions and trophic interactions
News highlights
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Nov, 22
A regime shift in an Arctic marine ecosystem that is likely to become permanent
Findings of unexpectedly large numbers of fin and humpback whales in the previously ice infested waters of East Greenland now indicate a tipping point in the marine ecosystem from… Read More
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Oct, 22
ECOTIP in the Greek media
Maria Papadatou was featured on the Greek television program 'Colorful Day' for her work on the Arctic research vessel Merian in August for the University of Vienna. Read More
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Jan, 22
ECOTIP Woman in Science profile: Phoebe Armitage
Phoebe Armitage is a PhD student at Åbo Akademi University in Finland with inspiring perspectives on being a woman in science and how women supporting each other makes a huge diff… Read More
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Jan, 22
ECOTIP woman in science profile: Dr. Chie Amano
As the UN International Day of Women and Girls working in Science is approaching, we interviewed Dr Chie Amano about her perspectives on being a woman in science, as part of a ser… Read More
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Oct, 21
Where marine ecology meets music: the “Tipping point” science-art project
"Tipping point" is a research project combining science and art, where scientists get to practise communicating about their research outside the scientific community, while the ar… Read More