Management & Stucture

ECOTIP is led by the Coordinator, Marja Koski, who is responsible for the project and overall communication with the European Commission. She is supported in her day to day work by the two other members of the Management Team which are the Deputy Coordinator, Sigrún Jónasdóttir and the Project Manager , Ole Henrik Haslund

The Steering Committee makes common decisions on issues necessary for ECOTIP to meet its goals. The Steering Committee is composed of the Work Package leaders and is chaired by the Coordinator.

The General Assembly is the major decision making body in ECOTIP, which at the annual meetings will include all project partners.

ECOTIP is supported by the Scientific Advisory Board , which meets annually and in coordination with the General Assembly to review overall progress in the project. The Board provides expert advice to the Steering Committee and General Assembly on the application of research to achieve the project’s objectives, the integration of interdisciplinary research, the communication with stakeholders and the dissemination of research findings to end users.

List of names and positions within the management structure of ECOTIP
Name Position Affiliation
Management Team
Marja Koski Coordinator DTU
Sigrún Jónasdóttir Deputy Coordinator DTU
Ole Henrik Haslund Project Manager DTU
Steering Committee
Marja Koski Coordinator/WP6 Leader DTU
Helmuth Thomas WP1 Leader HZG
Anna Törnroos WP2 Leader ABO
Andre Visser WP3 Leader DTU
Jesper Raakjær WP4 Leader AAU
Björn Alfthan WP5 Leader GRID-Arendal
Artur Palacz Co-Lead WP5 IOPAN
Scientific Advisory Board
Tom Barry Executive Secretary Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF)
Mark Nuttall Head of Climate and Society Research Programme, Greenland Climate Research Centre University of Alberta, Canada and University of Greenland
Ulf Riebesel Head of Research, Biological Oceanography at GEOMAR / Professor for Marine Biogeochemistry GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Lisbeth D. Schonemann-Paul Corporate Sustainability Manager Senior scientist, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Royal-Greenland
Jan H. Sundet Senior scientist Marine Research Institute in Norway