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The results of ECOTIP, which include journal articles, book chapters, poster presentations, conference presentations and any relevant media material (e.g. videos), are hosted on Zenodo, which is an open-access repository. The most recent results are shown on this page. We encourage you to visit the ECOTIP Community on Zenodo for a full overview of results. You can also follow the project through Researchgate.

Video Open Access
ECOTIP - investigating tipping cascades in the Arctic seas
Alfthan, Björn; Lindebjerg, Runa; Rempel, Olivia; De Luigi, Guendalina

ECOTIP is a new European Horizon 2020 project led by the Technical University of Denmark and involving world class scientists from across Europe, Japan and North America, which seeks to understand the impact of climate change on biodiversity in the Arctic seas and its impact on fisheries and local and Indigenous communities, particularly in Greenland. Follow us at, @EcoTipArctic on Facebook and #EcoTipArctic on Twitter and Instagram. Read more... >>

Published on Jan. 26, 2021
Presentation Open Access
Arctic biodiversity change and its consequences: Assessing, monitoring and predicting the effects of ecosystem tipping cascades on marine ecosystem services and dependent human systems (ECOTIP)
Koski, Marja

A short presentation by Marja Koski, Coodinator of the Horizon 2020 ECOTIP project, delivered to the European Polar Science Week, 26-30 October 2020. Find out more about ECOTIP here: Read more... >>

Published on Oct. 26, 2020

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