Ecotip Woman In Science Profile: Dr. Chie Amano

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 19-Jan-22 | Last updated: 19-Jan-22 | Tags : | category:

Dr. Chie Amano works for the University of Vienna’s Department of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology and is currently working on board R/V SONNE, where she measures microbial activity by deploying an in situ incubator which can incubate microbes at in-situ in order to better understand carbon cycling in the ocean, especially deep-sea. Chie participated in the DANA research cruise last summer, where she was also doing similar work on measuring microbial activity, but without the instrument. All photos kindly provided by Chie Amano.

Photo: Chie Amano on a Southern ocean cruise some years ago 

Photo: ECOTIP's DANA research cruise in Western Greenland 2021, 3 people working in the lab. 

Photo: Chie Amano, currently onboard R/V SONNE in the South Pacific. 


Photo: ECOTIP West Greenland cruise 2021, 2 staff carrying out sampling. 


What is it like being a woman in Arctic science?

Working on the changing Arctic is very fascinating. I think this is not only for women but anyone else. But in fact, there are quite many women scientists in the ECOTIP project which gives me more opportunities to see how they handle difficulties which come from being women.

How do you think that science is enriched by your perspectives?

Diversity is the most important factor to enrich science, broadens knowledge and gives more options for problem solving.

What challenges have you faced as a female scientist?

Work - life balance and family planning is difficult to handle under the unknown future of my postdoc career.  As I currently have a lot of support and understanding from my husband, I do somehow happily manage this situation.