A Report On The First Greenland Marine Research Seminar

by RATHCKE. K., JACOBSEN, R., POST, S., STEDMON, C.A | Published: 16-Apr-24 | Last updated: 16-Apr-24 | Tags : | category:

The 2023 Greenland Science Week functioned as a platform for dissemination, discussion, and collaboration for Arctic and Greenlandic environmental and societal science, as ECOTIP participated together with key collaborators in disseminating results and gained knowledge.

This report presents gained knowledge identified at two events during the Greenland Science Week on the 7th of November 2023 in Nuuk, Greenland:

  1. The 1st Biennial Greenland Marine Research Seminar and
  2. The workshop on Status and Development for East Greenland Waters

Both events had a forward-looking focus, to gain insight and knowledge from stakeholders and other parties, to be implemented in future research. The marine research seminar also served as a follow-up on earlier ECOTIP and Face-It stakeholder involvement in Greenland and was an opportunity to share project results and recommendations for decision-makers.

This report is divided into three parts, representing firstly the Greenland Marine Research Seminar, secondly insights from a survey distributed at the seminar, and thirdly the workshop on Status and Development of East Greenland Waters. The aim of this report is to present gained knowledge from the three parts as it has been discussed and presented by participants, stakeholders, and other parties.

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