Local Perspectives On Biodiversity Change And Adaptation Capacity In Greenlandic Fisheries

by Rikke Becker Jacobsen | Published: 21-Nov-23 | Last updated: 21-Nov-23 | Tags : | category:

The ECOTIP project has analyzed catch statistics and conducted a Local Ecological Knowledge (LEK) study to learn about how biodiversity changes have recently impacted Greenlandic fisheries the most. The study includes knowledge presented by the offshore fishing fleet, coastal fisher representatives, factory management and fishery management in a workshop (Nuuk, Nov. 8 2021). Furthermore, interviews were conducted (Nov 2021 – June 2023) with coastal fishers, hunters, fish factory managers and community members in Upernavik, Aappilattoq, Inarsuit; Nuuk; Nanortalik and Qaqortoq; Tasiilaq, Kuumiut and Kulusuk.

You can read these details in a policy brief in English, in Danish, or in Kalaallisut