Ecotip Mapped User Knowledge Of Change And Adaptation In Greenlandic Research At Greenland Science Week

by Sabrina Heerema | Published: 19-Nov-21 | Last updated: 19-Nov-21 | Tags : | category:

ECOTIP will provide valuable data on user knowledge of change and adaptation in Greenlandic research during the period 2010-2021 gathered at Greenland Science Week in Nuuk, November 2021. The identified user knowledge will be summarized in a public report.

Greenland Science Week has come to a close. The event consisted of a two-day conference "Arctic Research Days" and a research festival that took place over two weeks, from November 1st-14th in Sisimut and Nuuk respectively. Greenland Science Week is an important platform for research dissemination in Greenland, facilitating networking, knowledge sharing and collaborations between Greenlandic and international researchers, knowledge institutions, research stakeholders, companies, administrations and the general public.

Last week on November 8th, ECOTIP contributed to a workshop hosted by the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources (GINR), led by ECOTIP researchers Ann-Dorte Burmeister (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources) and Rikke Becker Jacobsen (Aalborg University). The purpose of the workshop was to map user knowledge of change and adaptation in Greenlandic  research during the period  2010-2021. A total of 9 stakeholders including a seafood company and fish factory directors, trawler skippers and a representative of small-scale fisheries and the Self-Government Ministry of Fisheries and Hunting engaged in an in-depth dialogue with 5 social and natural scientists.

During the workshop, participants discussed observations of changes in fish resources and marine environment from 2010 -2021 (the main changes they have observed, changes observed in resources, and changes that had an impact on business); Knowledge of adaptation in fisheries from 2010 to 2021(what measures/adaptations were considered necessary in fishing activities, what made the necessary adjustments possible or impossible, and what consequences the changes have had for earnings, working conditions, environment or society.) In conclusion, they discussed the main changes, adaptations and consequences identified, and whether they expect the same type of change, risks and opportunities in the  future. 

Rikke Becker Jacobsen and Ann-Dorte Burmeister led discussions with 9 participants. 

The ECOTIP project and GINR would like to thank Greenlandic fishery stakeholders for sharing their knowledge and observations of change and adaptation in Greenlandic fisheries. Next, recordings and notes from the workshop will be carefully processed and summarized in a workshop report, to be published soon.

Thank you also to the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources for hosting this workshop, and to the institutions who organized Greenland Science Week: Greenland Research Council, Ilisimatusarfik – University of Greenland, Greenland's  KlimaResearch Centre, Asiaq – Greenland Survey, Arctic DTU –  Ilinniarfeqarfik Sisimiut, AAU Arctic, Arctic Hub, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, and Qeqqata Kommunia.