Biogenic Data Products To Advance Ocean Carbon Sequestration Modelling In The Arctic Meeting In Sopot December 13-14 2023

by Dominik Krzymiński | Published: 19-Dec-23 | Last updated: 19-Dec-23 | Tags : | category:

In order to continue community efforts towards advancing modelling ocean carbon sequestration in the Arctic, a work meeting was held in the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN) December 13th-14th 2023 in Sopot. This was the third phase of an international working group activity under the auspices of two EU-funded projects: ECOTIP  and EU4OceanObs.

Following the community online survey and the online workshop, the members of the organizing committee and a few of the workshop participants from IOPAN gathered in Sopot, with some participating online, to work collectively on a perspective article on biogenic data products for advancing ocean carbon sequestration modelling in the Arctic.

The first day was dedicated to summarizing the results from the online workshop and discussing the final structure of the article. On the second day, attendees worked in small groups, mixing up experts on Arctic Ocean carbon observations and modelling, with the aim to best specify the requirements for individual data products. Working on the final version of the text will be continued online, and the submission of the article is planned for early 2024.

Meeting attendees: Veli Çağlar Yumruktepe (NERSC, Norway), Katarzyna Koziorowska-Makuch (IOPAN), Mattia Greco (CSIC, Spain), Ingrid Wiedmann (UiT, Norway), Aleksandra Cherkasheva (IOPAN), Maria Grigoratou (MOi, France), Artur Palacz (IOPAN, Poland), Marja Koski (DTU Aqua, Denmark), Chris Lindemann (UiB, Norway), Monika Kędra (IOPAN, Poland), Nathan Briggs (NOC, UK), Andy Visser (DTU Aqua, Denmark), Stefano Ciavatta (MOi, France). Photo: Dominik Krzymiński (IOPAN, Poland)