Ecotip At The Arctic Circle Assembly 2022

by Anna Törnroos-Remes | Published: 06-Oct-22 | Last updated: 04-Oct-22 | Tags : | category:

At a time when the ice is melting faster than ever in the high north and the globe is burning in more ways than by climate change, the Arctic Circle assembly 2022 provided heated debates, discussions and insights into Arctic ecosystem changes, green business and technology developments, Arctic research funding and economic investments as well as indigenous peoples rights, knowledge and Arctic peace and stability, to name a few topics.

ECOTIP is thankful for the great turnout at our session “Melting ice and changing fisheries: the future of Arctic ecosystems and local societies”, and the many questions and fruitful discussions. With the session, we wanted to exemplify and highlight the marine biological tipping points and cascades, such as those irreversible shifts in the ecosystem caused by changes in the linkage between the sea surface and seafloor, or shifts in species distributions by marine mammals and commercial fish stocks, taking place in the Arctic marine ecosystem.

Additionally, we also wanted to stress the importance of including local knowledge from Greenlandic communities and how ECOTIP works with this. The discussions revolved around how we can convey these insight into meaningful measures and results on a policy level, internationally as well as regionally, and also for local communities. ECOTIP would also like to thank the EU Polar Cluster for good collaboration and visibility at the Assembly. 



Photos: Anna Törnroos-Remes